Jumpstarting Opportunities With Bold Solutions (JOBS) Act


Across the nation, Americans continue struggling under the weight of burdensome regulations and a stagnant economy.  They’re all asking the same question – where are the jobs?  Conservatives recognize that government is the problem, not the solution.  That’s why the Republican Study Committee introduced the Jumpstarting Opportunities with Bold Solutions (JOBS) Act, a common-sense proposal to foster economic growth while removing the government burdens holding back America’s job creators.  The JOBS Act unleashes the power of American energy, reforms federal labor laws, promotes transparency and accountability in the regulatory process, and spurs investment in local businesses.  These bold solutions create jobs by growing the economy – not the government.

Specifically, the RSC JOBS Act:

Unleashes the power of American energy production by:
  • Approving the Keystone XL pipeline.
  • Stopping the EPA’s war on coal.
  • Opening up new areas of the Outer Continental Shelf for domestic energy production.
  • Repealing the ban on energy exploration in ANWR.
  • Allowing states to develop resources on federal land within their borders.
  • Stopping the federal government from implementing any hydraulic fracturing regulations in a state that has already issued its own regulations.
  • Giving the green light, via DOE, to all pending export applications for Liquefied Natural Gas.
Reins in regulations to spur economic growth by:
  • Requiring all federal agencies to objectively conduct a cost-benefit analysis of proposed regulations.
  • Directing federal agencies to review the impact of existing rules and modify, consolidate or sunset these rules on a periodic basis.
  • Allowing a person adversely affected by federal rules and regulations to petition for sunset review of the rule.
 Gets unions off the backs of job creators by:
  • Eliminating Davis-Bacon, repealing the requirement that prevailing (union) wages be paid for all government contracting jobs.
  • Allowing employers of unionized employees to give merit-based wage increases, bonuses, or other pay, that is higher than what is provided for in the collective bargaining agreement.
  • Prohibiting federal employees from using official paid time for union activity.

Spurs investment in local businesses by:
  • Eliminating unnecessary regulations that inhibit capital from being invested in businesses.
  • Providing regulatory relief to community banks and credit unions so local institutions can more effectively lend to small businesses and consumers.

 What They Are Saying About the RSC JOBS Bill

 “The RSC's Jobs Act is a combination of novel conservative ideas that will impel economic growth, unleash America's energy producers, and cut inhibitive red tape. Big Government's burdensome regulations are one of the key reasons America is mired in a jobless recovery. How can an energy producer get oil and natural gas out of the ground when they have to wait years for permits? How can an entrepreneur start a company without capital? The Jobs Act looks to answer these questions, and many more, by giving America's jobs creators a reprieve from the weight of onerous regulations.”
– Grover Norquist, President, Americans for Tax Reform

"AMAC is very pleased to see The Jobs Act introduced by the Republican Study Committee, as it represents a genuine effort to realistically and truthfully address a range of issues critical to the health of the American economy.  Given that a significant portion of AMAC members are still working, we remain very concerned about the state of the economy, particularly enduring unemployment and slow growth.  The Jobs Act represents a host of real solutions that, if implemented, will work to create the conditions that contribute to real job expansion and incentivize businesses to create employment opportunities here at home.  Moreover, AMAC understands the key role that strong job growth plays across a spectrum of policy priorities – everything from tax reform to modernizing mandatory spending programs, issues that are of top concern to AMAC members.  Moreover, the faster that Americans can get back to work, the more time and money Americans will have to save for retirement.  AMAC believes The Jobs Act is a step in the right direction to restoring vitality and strength in the economy, and we look forward to seeing this bill successfully move forth." 

Dan Weber, Founder, Association of Mature American Citizens

 "FreedomWorks supports the RSC's Jumpstarting Opportunity with Bold Solutions (JOBS) Act because it would clear a broad path to renewed individual enterprise and job creation. It would instantly jump-start the moribund Obama economy."
– Dean Clancy, VP of Public Policy, FreedomWorks

 "Americans and their families desperately need an economy with robust job creation and wage growth in order to maximize their opportunity to pursue the best life.  The latest jobs package from the RSC targets the real hurdles to growth in today's economy – uncertainty due to overregulation and a lack of access to capital – and provides reasonable, common-sense solutions.  Instead of limiting what American enterprises can achieve, we should focus on restoring limits on government's involvement in the economy, through reining in and streamlining a complex and duplicative regulatory atmosphere.  American small business owners and American workers want to thrive again, and this jobs package paves the way for a policy of deregulation, economic freedom, and economic growth."
Heather Higgins, President and CEO, Independent Women's Voice.

 “The Republican Study Committee has put together a thoughtful compilation of bills that would help get more Americans back to work. The Jumpstarting Opportunity with Bold Solutions (JOBS) Act recognizes that onerous government regulations are a major impediment to economic growth and job creation. The bill would wisely remove barriers to a healthier economy by repealing Davis-Bacon wage laws, requiring cost-benefit analyses for major new regulations, and expediting energy exploration and extraction. National Taxpayers Union endorses the JOBS Act and encourages Members of Congress to work toward its swift passage.”
-Brandon Arnold, Vice President of Government Affairs, National Taxpayers Union

 “This legislation contains significant and important energy initiatives that will create jobs, improve economic growth, and improve Americans’ access to affordable energy.”
-Thomas Fletcher, Policy Analyst, Americans for Prosperity

RSC JOBS Bill Outside Support:

Americans for Tax Reform

The 60 Plus Association

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