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RSC Anti-Carbon Tax Resolution - H.Con.Res 24

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Some Democrats never stop looking for new taxes.  While Americans are already struggling in the Obama economy, Senators Bernie Sanders and Barbara Boxer have recently introduced legislation that would put a tax on carbon emissions.  Their intentions are clear and we must stand in firm opposition to yet another tax on American families and businesses, the effects of which would be disastrous to our already struggling economy.

The higher costs of natural gas, coal and petroleum products would be felt throughout the economy in the form of higher production costs.  In fact, this new tax will not only translate into higher prices on everything made and sold within the U.S., it will also cost American jobs by sending many industries overseas due to higher production costs. 

The people at greatest risk are low- and middle-income families, blue collar workers, the elderly, and those whose jobs will be destroyed if we adopt a carbon tax policy.

We need a return of common-sense in Washington, not more of the liberal tax, regulate, and spend agenda.  Our energy policy should encourage continued private sector innovation and development, not increase the tax burden on America’s job creators.  That’s why more than 85 Members of the RSC joined an introduced H.Con.Res. 24 which expresses the sense of Congress that a carbon tax would be detrimental to American families and businesses.

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