Policy Analysis

Legislative Bulletins

RSC staff reviews the text of every piece of legislation that comes before the floor of the House of Representatives, including resolutions and amendments. Following are Legislative Bulletins that RSC staff has prepared analyzing legislation that is pending before or has been considered by the House.

2015 Legislative Bulletins
2014 Legislative Bulletins
2013 Legislative Bulletins
2012 Legislative Bulletins
2011 Legislative Bulletins
2010 Legislative Bulletins
2009 Legislative Bulletins
2008 Legislative Bulletins
2007 Legislative Bulletins
2006 Legislative Bulletins
2005 Legislative Bulletins
2004 Legislative Bulletins
2003 Legislative Bulletins
2002 Legislative Bulletins
2001 Legislative Bulletins

Policy Briefs

The RSC is constantly analyzing current public policy issues from a conservative perspective with an eye on future legislative developments.  The following Policy Briefs have been prepared by the RSC staff to inform and educate our Members and their staffs regarding a wide variety of legislative and policy issues.

2013 Policy Briefs 
2012 Policy Briefs
2011 Policy Briefs
2010 Policy Briefs
2009 Policy Briefs
2008 Policy Briefs
2007 Policy Briefs

Money Monitor and Budget and Spending Task Force

In keeping with the our ongoing effort to track how Washington spends your money, the RSC staff distributes the Money Monitor and the Budget and Spending Task Force Report.  These are the only documents that track the cost of bills as they pass the House of Representatives.

Money Monitors from the 112th Congress
Money Monitors from the 111th Congress
Money Monitors from the 110th Congress
Money Monitors from the 109th Congress

Budget and Spending Task Force Reports

Working Group Reports

The RSC has working groups that report weekly on issues of interest to conservatives.

National Security Working Group Reports
10th Amendment Task Force Reports
Health Care Working Group Newsletter
Financial Services Working Group
Military Readiness Task Force
2nd Amendment Initiative

Sunset Caucus, Repeal Task Force, and Golden Turkey Reports

The RSC highlights government overreach in several areas: wasteful federal spending, federal laws and regulations which ought to be repealed, and obscure but ridiculous regulations. The Sunset Caucus Reports, Repeal Task Force Alerts, and Golden Turkey Awards (respectively) highlight these issues.

Sunset Caucus
Repeal Task Force
Golden Turkey Award

Constitutional Authority Analysis

On January 5, 2011, the House adopted a new rule requiring that each bill or joint resolution introduced be accompanied by a Constitutional Authority Statement.  RSC Staffers have compiled the Statements for every bill and joint resolution introduced this Congress and analyzed these data. The RSC has also made recommendations based on what was found.

Constitutional Authority Statement Analysis 113th Congress
Constitutional Authority Statement Analysis 112th Congress

If Democrats Controlled the House…

The RSC publishes a weekly taste of the liberal agenda that Democrats try to push in the U.S. House.

If Democrats Controlled the House…