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Obama Continues His War on American-Made Energy

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Washington, Jul 3, 2013 | comments

July 03, 2013

Thursday, July 3, 2013 

Obama Continues His War on American-Made Energy

President Obama continued his assault on American energy again last Tuesday when he unveiled his new global warming agenda.  The President’s plans include ratcheting up the EPA’s role in bullying our nation’s power plants and manufacturers with more radical regulations that will increase energy prices on hard-working American families and run millions more jobs out of our country. As the President is calling for caps on carbon emissions to 'protect our country' from climate change, he fails to mention that carbon emissions are already down in America due primarily from advances in technology like horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing.  Advancements such as these have led to a natural gas revolution, all of which the Obama Administration is trying to shut down through radical regulations from agencies like, you guessed it, the Environmental Protection Act (EPA). These regulations have little to do with saving the planet, and are more focused on rewarding special interest groups in Washington whose primary mission is to shut down fossil fuel production and increase energy costs for hard-working American families.   

Strong bipartisan coalitions in Congress have already spoken out against President Obama's proposed tax on American energy, yet he's now trying to ignore Congress and pursue his own radical agenda through job-killing regulations. That is why I filed H.Con.Res.24, to express Congress' opposition to increased energy costs through this Administration’s proposed tax on carbon. I'm proud to report that this legislation already has more than 140 cosponsors.  Instead of looking for ways to continue his liberal tax, regulate, and spend agenda, President Obama should start working with us to create jobs and increase America's energy security by approving the Keystone XL Pipeline and supporting other common-sense proposals that are languishing in the Senate.

The Court Overturns DOMA

The Supreme Court decided to reverse thousands of years of tradition this week when they struck down the Defense of Marriage Act.  The Supreme Court displayed strong judicial activism by allowing unelected judges to commandeer the will of millions of voters and their elected representatives who have passed measures to protect traditional marriage between one man and one woman.  Currently 38 states have laws on the books that define marriage as a union between one man and one woman, yet the Supreme Court's action will now create a new level of uncertainty on these laws that will be litigated for years to come. Members of the RSC will continue defending the traditions that made this country great.


God Bless,

Steve Scalise


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RSC Member Initiatives 

  • Rep. Huelskamp (KS-1) is seeking additional cosigners for a letter to Speaker Boehner in support of Rep. Goodlatte’s Dairy Amendment which reforms the dairy provisions in the Farm Bill by repealing the supply management program.
  • Rep. Davis (IL-13) invites freshman members to sign a letter promoting ambitious pro-trade priorities which will be sent to Mr. Mike Froman after he is confirmed as US Trade Representative.
  • Rep. Fleischmann (TN-3) is seeking cosponsors for H.R. 282, the ‘Returned Exclusively for Unpaid National Debt Act' also known as the `REFUND Act'. Named by the National Taxpayers Union as the number one “‘No-Brainer’ Bill Congress Should Pass for Taxpayers” in the 112th Congress, the REFUND Act gives states the power to designate returned federal funds solely for debt reduction and prevents those funds from going back to federal agencies simply to be redistributed, as is currently the case.  
  • Reps. Yoder (KS-3) and Tom Graves (GA-14) seek cosponsors to HR 1852, the ‘Email Privacy Act’, to stop warrantless email searches by the IRS and ensure that all email, regardless of age, has the same privacy protections afforded to snail mail and private phone conversations.
  • Rep. Salmon (AZ-5) seeks cosponsors for H.R. 2409, the State Sovereignty in Voting Act, which grants states the flexibility to require evidence of citizenship for voter registration in accordance with the Supreme Court’s ruling. 
  • Rep. Gingrey (GA-11) is seeking cosponsors for H.R. 2403, the SAFE Act, which allows states the flexibility to add additional state-specific requirements, including proof of citizenship, to the federal voter registration form.
  • Rep. Meadows (NC-11) is seeking cosigners for a letter to Speaker Boehner and Leader Cantor urging them to affirmatively de-fund the implementation and enforcement of Obamacare in any relevant appropriations bill brought to the House floor this Congress, including any continuing appropriations. 127 Members signed a substantially similar letter last Congress.
  • Rep. Bachmann (MN-6) is seeking cosigners to letter urging leadership to commit to Hastert Rule for consideration of any immigration-related conference report.
  • Reps. Meadows (NC-11) and Daines (MT) are asking for members to cosign a letter urging President Obama to appeal the Eastern New York District Court decision which allows Plan B One-Step to be made available to individuals of all ages.
  • Rep. Salmon (AZ-5) seeks cosponsors for H.R. 1847, Electronic Communications Privacy Act Amendments Act of 2013, which will require the IRS to obtain a warrant or explicit written consent to read emails, text messages, or any other form of private electronic messaging. 
  • Rep. Schweikert (AZ-6) is seeking cosponsors to H.R. 2408, the Block Backdoor Gun Registration Scheme, which will stop the Department of Justice from tracking and cataloguing the purchase of multiple rifles and shotguns. 
Rep. Schweikert (AZ-6) seeks original cosponsors to Condition Egyptian Aid, a bill that would require Egypt to meet eight specific requirements before receiving any U.S aid and would direct our representatives at the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund to oppose any multilateral economic packages until Egypt has met these requirements. 

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