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Mayan calendar more accurate than Obama's sequester predications

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Washington, Feb 28, 2013 | comments

February 28, 2013


     According to the White House, tomorrow's sequester is Armageddon.  If you believe President Obama’s Chicken Little impersonation, the sky will fall and American civilization will cease to exist.  Fortunately, Americans know what’s really going on here.  Even the mainstream media isn’t falling for the hyped up doomsday claims by the president.  The Mayan calendar had a higher degree of accuracy than President Obama's scare tactic predictions regarding sequester.

     Earlier this week, the Obama administration released several hundred imprisoned illegal aliens in yet another reckless attempt to frighten Americans about the sequester.  The fact that President Obama would let hundreds of criminals, including felons, walk out of jail and put thousands of American families at risk shows just how irresponsible he is with the pending sequestration that his own administration created and Obama himself signed into law in 2011.

     Families have learned to live within their means as they struggle in Obama’s tough economy, yet the president refuses to acknowledge that Washington needs to stop spending money it doesn’t have and start living within its means and.   Federal spending has increased 19 percent under this administration, and yet the president continues to demand even higher taxes to fuel his unquenchable desire to spend more money that we don’t have. 

     Enough is enough.  With a $16.6 trillion national debt, Washington clearly has a spending problem.  The only real solution starts with holding Washington politicians accountable for their wasteful spending and finally forcing them to live within their means.  Rather than releasing illegal immigrants and holding our first responders hostage as shields for his continued big government tax and spend agenda, President Obama should work with us to cut the waste and support pro-growth policies that create jobs and get our economy moving again.

     Each day we are highlighting areas of waste the president should cut instead of threatening the basic operations of government.  Here is another example of cuts to waste that President Obama does not want to make:

  • $14.5 billion by repealing mandatory funding for Obamacare exchange grants.


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