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Rep. Rokita Offers Amendment to Cut $2.5 Billion in Wasteful and Ineffective Programs from DHS

Rep. Todd Rokita (IN-04)

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Washington, Jun 2, 2011 | comments
Late Wednesday, Rep. Todd Rokita (IN-4) offered an amendment in conjunction with the Republican Study Committee to the FY2012 Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act that would reduce the overall funding levels contained in the Homeland Security budget by 10%, with the exception of funds for immigration enforcement and border security. This amendment would save American taxpayers $2.5 billion.

“Our country is facing a fiscal crisis. As the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has stated, our debt is the greatest threat to our national security. We need to ensure that our tax dollars are spent wisely and efficiently, especially when it comes to protecting our nation,”Rokita said.

The Department of Homeland Security is not an exception when it comes to government waste. DHS must focus its resources more effectively. In their short history, DHS has become inherently wasteful, creating numerous programs that have failed to make our nation any more secure. A recent audit by the Defense Contract Audit Agency identified 32 contracts collectively worth $34.3 billion that have been plagued by waste, abuse, or mismanagement from 2001 through 2006.

“If this amendment passes and DHS faces a 10 percent cut, it will be forced to analyze its programs and become a more efficient agency as a result,”Rokita said. “I used to run a bureaucracy as Indiana’s Secretary of State– it is true, government can do more with less.”

“DHS must redefine its mission and focus on its original purpose, protecting the homeland from terrorist attacks. Once again the federal government is going beyond its constitutionally mandated role and involving itself in state and local responsibilities. Given the fiscal crisis we face, we cannot afford this overreach,”Rokita added.
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