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Scalise: Obama’s ‘compromise’ on the contraceptive mandate is an affront to the Constitution

Washington, Feb 1 -

Congressman Steve Scalise today issued the following statement after the Obama administration’s announcement discussing their ‘compromise’ on the unconstitutional mandate forcing coverage of abortifacients, contraceptives, and sterilizations.

"President Obama’s so called ‘compromise’ to the HHS contraception mandate is an affront to the Constitution and all Americans who respect religious freedom,” said Scalise.  “Never in the history of our great nation has the government forced individuals and employers to purchase a private product that violates their religious beliefs, and it is unprecedented in a nation that respects religious diversity that President Obama would try forcing Americans to 'compromise' their religious beliefs in order to comply with Obamacare. The freedom of religion is one of the most sacred of freedoms that we have as Americans and is expressly guaranteed and protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution. The Obama Administration needs to completely reverse this mandate in its entirety and show respect and tolerance for the religious beliefs of all Americans.”

Even Planned Parenthood noted today that this announcement does nothing to stop the government from forcing businesses to violate their conscience rights.