RSC Staff

Will Dunham, Executive Director

Policy Staff

Andrew Shaw​Policy Director

Rebekah ArmstrongProfessional Policy Staff
Energy & Commerce (health)
Education & Workforce
Oversight and Government Reform
Veterans Affairs
Ways & Means (health)
Healthcare Working Group

Matt DickersonProfessional Policy Staff
Transportation and Infrastructure
Ways and Means (tax)
Anti-Poverty Initiative
Budget and Spending Task Force

Jennifer Weinhart, Professional Policy Staff
Ethics Committee
Financial Services
Science, Space and Technology
Small Business
Financial Services Working Group
Second Amendment Initiative
Tech and Telecom

Nicholas Rodman, Professional Policy Staff
Armed Services
Energy and Commerce (except health)
Foreign Affairs
Homeland Security
Natural Resources
Ways and Means (trade)
Energy Task Force
Military Readiness Task Force
National Security Working Group

James YoungResearch Assistant

Communications Staff

Caitlin Carroll, Communications Director

Cameron Armour, Digital Director

Outreach Staff

Rachel KopecDirector of Conservative Coalitions and State Outreach

Jon Oehmen, Director of Business Outreach

Jessica HarrisonDirector of Operations and Member Services