What is RSC?

The Republican Study Committee is a group of House Republicans organized for the purpose of advancing a conservative social and economic agenda in the House of Representatives. The Republican Study Committee is dedicated to: 

  • a limited and Constitutional role for the federal government,
  • a strong national defense,
  • the protection of individual and property rights,
  • and the preservation of traditional family values.
The RSC reviews each piece of legislation under consideration on the House floor using six guiding principles, printed on our "Conservative Check Card" and listed below:
  1. Less Government - Does the bill tend to reduce government regulations, size of government, or eliminate entitlements or unnecessary programs? 
  2. Lower Taxes - Does the bill promote individual responsibility in spending, or reduce taxes or fees? 
  3. Personal Responsibility - Does the bill encourage responsible behavior by individuals and families and encourage them to provide for their own health, safety, education, moral fortitude, or general welfare?
  4. Individual Freedom - Does the bill increase opportunities for individuals or families to decide, without hindrance or coercion from government, how to conduct their own lives and make personal choices?
  5. Stronger Families - Does the bill enhance the traditional American family and its power to rear children without excessive interference from the government?
  6. Domestic Tranquility, National Defense - Does the bill enhance American security without unduly burdening civil liberty?

The group has played a major role in key policy areas including budget, appropriations, taxes, education, Social Security reform, defense, deregulation, and general government reform. The Republican Study Committee is an independent research arm for House Republicans.